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    Robots holding Nokia’s 5G future in the balance


    Nokia is using robots to demonstrate synchronised collaboration across cellular at Mobile World Congress.

    An ultra-low latency system, built in conjunction with China Mobile, has connected robots to a central server. The robots work together to balance a ball on a moving platform. Users have been invited to try and move the ball’s location, with the robots adapting to the tilting platform.

    Mike Wang, President of Greater China of Nokia Networks, General Manager of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell and Head of the Joint Management Team, Nokia Networks China and ASB said: "As one of the first 5G strategic partners with China Mobile, we work together on the research, standardisation and industrialization of key 5G features.

    "The robots collaboration demonstration is the first time both parties are jointly showing a 5G use case. In the future, we will explore more possibilities that 5G will bring to different industries and our lives, to jointly develop the programmable world." 

    Earlier today, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated how 2.6GHz spectrum could be used to connect networks of robots.

    Meanwhile, Nokia released details of a January trial with Verizon, involving a 5G network in Texas.

    The telcos tested indoor penetration within an apartment, varying the building materials and electrical and plumbing services used within the building.

    Nokia said the companies were able to deliver Ultra HD 4K video to multiple end user devices throughout, suggesting 5G could serve as an alternative to fibre to the home.

    Samih Elhage, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: "The data collected during the field trials and use cases is the next step for driving the 5G tests from the lab environment into a solution that will allow Verizon to transition from field trials to commercial deployments."