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    Ruckus launches “first” carrier-grade Wi-Fi analytics platform


    Ruckus Wireless has launched a carrier-grade, software-based Wi-Fi analytics platform for the telecoms and enterprise markets.
    The US-based vendor said that the platform – Ruckus SmartCell Insight – will be the first carrier-grade Wi-Fi analytics platform capable of archiving years of historical operational data from mobile network operator and large enterprise Wi-Fi networks.
    The platform employs a big data approach to measuring, assessing and troubleshooting large-scale Wi-Fi networks, according to a statement. 
    Specifically, it uses technology and storage innovations found in columnar database repositories to simplify the collection, storage and manipulation of huge amounts of network data.
    Ruckus said that it will help to determine the long-term health and behaviour of Wi-Fi networks, such as distribution of client device types throughout the network and the amount of uplink versus downlink traffic over a given period of time or location.
    “Knowing what is going on in the Wi-Fi network is essential to delivering a carrier quality Wi-Fi service, but this information can only be used effectively if the insight lives and is easily accessible within the Wi-Fi network,” commented Sami Susiaho, head of Edge Technologies for BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC).
    “We aren’t interested in more data crunching, stat spewing software. Rather, we are looking for Wi-Fi data and analytics capabilities that help us understand what’s going on and tie directly into our Wi-Fi infrastructure so we can take action and automate changes that might be required.”
    According to a research report by research firm Berg Insight, mobile operators deployed more than seven million carrier-grade Wi-Fi access points worldwide at the end of 2012.
    By 2018, that number is going to more than double to about 15 million units, Berg Insight forecasts.
    “Operators want and need this level of visibility to assess if the Wi-Fi networks they are building are actually meeting the objectives of their business,” commented Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless.
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