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    Telenor and SFR select Giesecke & Devrient for over-the-air tech


    Telenor and SFR have selected Germany-based vendor Giesecke & Devrient to supply over-the-air (OTA) technology for Norway’s first commercial NFC project and a subscription management solution first in France.
    Telenor is working with Norway’s biggest bank DNB to expand the scope of its Tap2Pay scheme, which launched in October 2011 and aims to give everyone in Norway the opportunity to make payments using NFC.
    The operator has signed up G&D to supply its OTA NFC solution, SmartTrust NFC Enabler, which can remotely manage NFC services on SIM cards.
    This will enable Telenor to carry out a range of tasks, including allowing any service provider to introduce further NFC applications, such as public transport tickets.
    The vendor is also supplying Telenor with multi-application NFC SIM cards as part of the deal.
    G&D has also won a managed services deal to supply SFR with a subscription management solution that is a first on the French telecoms market.
    The solution, which enables SFR customers to activate and personalize their SIM cards to their selected tariff at the click of a mouse, also uses OTA technology via G&D’s SmartTrust AirOn system.
    SFR provides its customers with a single version of a SIM card featuring a pre-installed subscription management client. Customers are automatically guided to an SFR online portal, where they are taken through the relevant configuration steps. 
    Each individual’s selected subscription data is then automatically transferred to the SIM card and activated via the mobile network.
    G&D said the solution, which it operates via its own data centres, “does away with SFR’s need to stock a variety of preconfigured SIM cards at its logistics centers and sales outlets”.