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    Samsung, SK Telecom to demo 3D beamforming to boost mm wave tech


    Samsung and SK Telecom are set to showcase data transmission speeds of 7.55GBps using millimetre-wave technology, as Alcatel-Lucent uses the same tech for backhaul.

    Millimetre wave sits on bands above 5GHz but suffers from higher loss of propagation. To compensate for this, the two companies are using 3D beamforming, which is a means of producing a pencil beam and controlling the direction of radio signals.

    Samsung and SK Telecom said the technology could pave the way for mobile operators to use it for wireless communication, as sub-6GHz bands become more and more packed.

    The Korean operator and Samsung will also demonstrate new “Full Dimension MIMO” tech, which can use hundreds of antennas, far in excess of the eight currently defined in LTE-A standards.

    The demonstrations, which will take place at next week’s Mobile World Congress, builds upon a partnership the companies announced in October when they revealed plans to make South Korea the centre of 5G technology. They aim to commercialise the technology by 2020.

    Cheun Kyung-whoon, Executive Vice President and IoT Solution Team Leader in Digital Media & Communications R&D Centre, Samsung Electronics, said: “Samsung Electronics has built the most advanced 4G LTE telecommunications infrastructure in the world by working closely with other Korean companies. We will continue to lead the global mobile industry by focusing on the development of 5G technologies through strengthened cooperation with our partners.”

    Meanwhile, Israeli vendor Siklu has announced its millimetre wave radios have been integrated into Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 MPR product, offering backhaul for small cells.

    The vendor said the radios offer short-range and high-capacity backhaul that can be used in very dense urban areas. The radios operate on the 60GHz and 80GHz bands, which Siklu said were less susceptible to interference and congestion.

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