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    Sigfox checks in with Prague IoT network


    The Czech Republic has become the latest market to launch an Internet of Things network using Sigfox technology.

    T-Mobile and Bluetooth specialist Blue Cell Network will trial Sigfox’s ultra-narrow band tech on the mobile operator’s managed base stations in Prague.

    Specifically, the trial will test how T-Mobile can use IoT networks outside of lab conditions. For example, it will look at using IoT technology to monitor railway carriages and alert car drivers to free parking spaces.

    Sigfox claims its tech offers operators high capacity and low energy use.

    The three companies said results from the trial will be announced during the summer, when a decision is made whether to extend the network across the Czech Republic.

    Milan Hába, Innovations Director at T-Mobile, said: “We see the future in the Internet of Things – basically any device or object will be able to transmit information via the Internet, which will facilitate a number of everyday activities and increase their efficiency. Therefore we have teamed up with Blue Cell Network to introduce the Sigfox network, which has been proven in other countries to be one of the world’s best IoT solutions, in the Czech Republic.”

    Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, Executive Vice-President International Business Development at Sigfox, added: “The Sigfox network is already operating or being deployed in more than a dozen European countries and major cities. We are excited to bring the benefits of cost-effective and energy-efficient Internet of Things connectivity to the Czech Republic.”

    Last month, the company said it was working with Texas Instruments to develop new modules and transceivers using the sub-1GHz bands.

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