HomeNewsSmall Cell Forum looks to make network densification “a commercial reality”

    Small Cell Forum looks to make network densification “a commercial reality”


    The Small Cell Forum has released a series of practical working guides to help operators and businesses use densification to power “practicable and profitable” 4G and 5G networks.

    The forum hopes the guides will help in its aim to “make densification using small cells a commercial reality” by revealing the success of current small technologies and showing operators and businesses how to deploy a hyperdense network today.

    While 5G standards are still being defined, it is clear that network densification is vital in meeting the cardinal requirements of high capacity, low latency and 100 percent coverage, according to the industry body.

    “The mobile industry is in agreement that network densification is fundamental to adding capacity to today’s 4G networks, as well as building out the foundations for 5G,” said David Orloff, Chair of Small Cell Forum.

    “However, this can’t happen without the physical deployment of more network assets, the technologies to manage them and the testing to make them interoperable.

    These guides provide an informed perspective on the real-world experience of deploying 4G that will ensure 5G hits the ground running.”

    The guides outline SCF’s activities in addressing technical, practical and commercial barriers to densification which include how to engage with enterprise vertical markets by articulating the benefits of small cells and providing guidance on installation and operation and the creation of new ownership models involving a variety of stakeholders from enterprises to backhaul providers.

    They also outline how to define scalable, repeatable deployment processes through working on simplified and harmonised installation standards, hosting interoperability testing for key technologies such as small cell SON and building practical and commercial experience into future technologies for 5G including standards for small cell NFV.

    “Small Cell Forum embodies joined-up thinking that ensures small cell technology is not just performant, but practical and profitable too,” said Sue Monahan, CEO Small Cell Forum.