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    Spring Mobil implements Cerillion for FMC CRM and billing solution


    Cerillion Technologies, a provider of customer management systems, today announced the completed implementation of its convergent CRM and billing solution for Spring Mobil, Sweden’s fourth GSM mobile license holder. Based on femtocell technology, Spring Mobil’s FMC service offers dedicated GSM networks to enterprise customers, enabling them to use a single GSM handset as an internal phone extension at work and as a standard mobile phone outside the office.

    The Cerillion solution enables Spring Mobil’s sales and customer service staff to manage the complete order-to-cash lifecycle efficiently, while corporate end-users have the flexibility to administer their own services and virtual PBX using the online self-service interface. The system’s rating engine and flexible mediation modules enable complex on-net and off-net calling scenarios to be turned into revenue generating services through configuration only.
    Spring Mobil’s billing requirements are complex as calls made in the office are charged at different rates from those made outside. Cerillion’s CRM and billing solution streamlines these processes and accounts for differentiated tariffs and special discounts. The system’s online self-service module also empowers Spring Mobil’s clients to maintain their own services, helping to deliver very high customer satisfaction.
    “It is testament to the flexibility and adaptability of our BSS product suite that Spring Mobil chose us to support its innovative business model,” commented Louis Hall, CEO, Cerillion Technologies. “We are delighted to be working with them on their sophisticated pricing models and helping them to manage the total customer experience.”