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    Syniverse and Tata Comms join forces on managed IPX network for 5G and IoT


    The companies say it will offer operators better visibility, customer service and control of the data flowing across their interconnected networks.

    The way data travels across IP networks means that an operator’s IP exchange provider (IPX) has no visibility or control of the data once it’s handed off to an interconnected network.

    Syniverse and Tata Communications will work together to manage traffic and provide higher quality service, greater reach around the globe, more capacity and better connectivity for data moving between the two companies’ networks.

    5G and IoT

    Their platforms will support 5G and IoT; the plan is to create a comprehensive and reliable foundation for mobility services worldwide. Both companies’ customers will be able to access Tata Communications’ MOVE mobility and IoT platform, which connects four out of five mobile subscribers and carries around 30% of the world’s Internet routes.

    Through this agreement, customers will benefit from a fully-managed, end-to-end IPX network service to enhance the performance of their mobile devices, while reducing the cost of roaming.

    The new partnership will also free customers from the financial and tactical burden of working with different networks in different regions, while allowing them to further the reach of their connected devices.

    The companies will jointly support data roaming for almost 300 directly connected IPX/GRX customers with a total reach of nearly 800 mobile operators, representing more than 25,000 diameter roaming routes.

    Both companies’ customers will benefit from better monitoring, reporting, redundancy and quality of service through this relationship: the policy solutions will offer full visibility and management of traffic on each network, plus transparent service level agreements.

    Connecting everything and everybody

    “By joining forces with Syniverse, we’re one step closer to our goal of creating an environment where everything and everyone can become seamlessly connected, anywhere in the world,” said Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications.

    “As our customers leverage next-generation IoT and mobility services to drive their digital transformation, they need a solid foundation to ensure that they are able to capture, move and manage information seamlessly and securely worldwide.”

    Dean Douglas, Chief Executive Officer and President, Syniverse, said, “Our partnership offers the market a single way to access [the] reach offered by two distinct and georedundant IPX networks. It allows our customers to work with one company while gaining the benefits of each company’s strengths.”

    Power of standards

    “We are moving into an era of intelligent connectivity, where the powerful combination of 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence and big data will have a transformative impact on our daily lives connecting everyone and everything to a better future,” commented Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA.

    “Reliable, high-performance and secure IPX networks will connect mobile operators and vertical industries together driving efficiencies, productivity and innovative new services.”

    GSMA’s members collaboratively developed and evolved the IRX and GRX interconnection standards over many years.