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    T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 become Odido 


    Independent Dutch brand vows to distinguish itself through superior customer service to KPN and VodafoneZiggo 

    T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Mobiel have adopted a new brand as independent Dutch brand Odido. The telco, which supplies telephony, internet and TV services to around eight million customers, said it is now largest provider of 100% fibre-based internet services in the country and is on its way to offering internet and TV services via fibre to more than six million households. 

    The telco’s brands Simpel, Ben and Tele2 Thuis also fall under Odido and will continue to exist. Odido has more than 2,000 employees and 119 stores in the Netherlands. In a triumph for the marketing department, the telco managed to convert all 119 stores into Odido stores in 48 hours over a weekend before launch. 

    The rebranding follows the telco’s acquisition, in September 2021, for more than €5 billion by private investors Apax and Warburg Pincus. T-Mobile took over all of Ben’s shares in 2002 and later merged with the Dutch branches of Orange and Tele2. 

    We’re different 

    Following the traditions of telcos declaring they are “so untelco”, CEO Søren Abildgaard said Odido will break the Dutch market status quo. “We are going to do things differently than has been usual in telecom until now. At Odido, technology is not central, but everything revolves around people,” he said. “Because the extent to which you can keep up with technology determines the extent to which you can keep up with the world. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy modern technology. That is not only unique, but also very necessary.” 

    He added the new focus on people will also be visible in the customer focus and therefore also in the service. “That is where customers will experience a real difference compared to other providers.” 

    “All telecom providers now do more or less the same thing. And if you dare to look critically at your own products and services, you realize that things have to be different,” said chief commercial officer consumer Tisha van Lammeren. “The average customer satisfaction of our industry is many times lower than in other industries. It is not as easy as it seems for customers, people are concerned about internet security, find unlimited internet or fibre optic expensive and calling customer service remains an inconvenience.”  

    Focus on unlimited data 

    On LinkedIn she posted: “We want to ensure that technology remains human for everyone, so that everyone can participate. Today we are launching completely new Unlimited subscriptions, 119 completely redesigned stores (which have been refurbished in 48 hours), a new app for all our services, three redesigned offices, more than 1200 new websites, six clear answers to critical questions we have asked ourselves (‘it can also be done this way’), a launch campaign and much more so that everyone can quickly get acquainted with this beautiful, fresh and innovative brand.” 

    KPN strikes early 

    Social media types were quick to notice that KPN had seemingly got wind of the brand change and quickly attempted to muscle its way into the SEO algorithms by posting a page dedicated to explaining the new brand. It kicked off with: “You read that right, Odido. And no, we didn’t make a typo. Odido is admittedly not a typically Dutch word.” 

    Network build outs 

    Before the rebrand, T-Mobile had been shifting its transmissions with Ericsson to deliver 5G. The two are working to upgrade 5000 masts by the summer of 2024.  

    In May this year, T-Mobile and DELTA Fiber have entered into a long-term agreement to provide services via each other’s networks. The deal means T-Mobile’s internet and TV services are available via fibre to households that are or will be connected to the DELTA Fiber network, which offers speeds of up to 10 Gbps. DELTA Fiber currently connects 1.3 million households and businesses via fibre – it is aiming to grow this to 2m.  

    DELTA Fiber can use this partnership to expand the mobile portfolio for its customers by offering 5G, higher speeds and unlimited data via what-is-now Odido’s mobile network. T-Mobile also intends to use DELTA Fiber’s network to accelerate the rollout of its 5G network.