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    TDC launches LTE-Advanced across Denmark


    TDC has brought dual-band carrier aggregation to more than 500 sites across Denmark, offering consumers speeds of up to 300MBps.

    The Danish operator is aiming to launch tri-band LTE-A into its network in the coming months, after successful internal tests of the technology. It will market the carrier aggregated service as 4G+.

    Consumers in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and major cities such as Holstebro, Viborg, Esbjerg, Næstved and Slagelse are able to use the technology, although TDC noted the current dearth of smartphones supporting LTE-A mean few can take advantage of it.

    Data firm OpenSignal said last month that TDC had the fastest LTE network in the world with average speeds of 28MBps. Singapore was found to be the fastest country, with average speeds of 24MBps.

    TDC said the shift towards LTE-A would give it better capacity and also improve the network performance for all of its LTE customers.

    The operator’s COO, Peter Schleidt, said: “It’s the same principle as the expansion of highways. Several tracks itself doesn’t give a higher speed. But it does mean that traffic flows better and with less queuing. More people can then get faster at the same time – the same goes with 4G+.”

    According to research from the Global mobile Suppliers Association in April, there are 64 LTE-Advanced networks launched commercially worldwide. Fifty two of these support Category 6 LTE-A, which delivers speeds of up to 300MBps.

    A further 116 operators are exploring the tech with a view to launch it at a later date.