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    Telefónica and Zubie bring connected car features to older vehicles


    Telefónica and Zubie have launched a new product in Germany that provides connected car services to older vehicles. 

    O2 Car Connection can be plugged into a car’s OBD II port and offers diagnostic and GPS-based services.

    The device contains a SIM card and is linked to the user’s smartphone via an accompanying app. The system works in any car up to 10 years old with an OBD II port.

    Drivers are then able to receive information such as error codes, problem reports and reminders to visit service centres on their smartphone, in addition to information on engine condition and battery voltage.

    Similarly, if their vehicle is stolen, owners can track the location of their car using the device’s integrated GPS unit, as well as set “geo boundaries” that alerts the owner if their vehicle travels outside of a given area.

    The device also tracks all journeys to assess driving information and promote “economical” travel.

    Telefónica has predicted that 90 percent of cars will be connected by 2020. In the operator’s recent Connected Cars Industry, roughly half of those surveyed said they considered connected features to be important when choosing their next car. Meanwhile, 70 percent said that they already used such features or otherwise showed “great interest” in them.

    In a post to Telefónica’s blog page, Pavan Mathew, Global Head of Connected Car, said: “The future potential for connected cars is limitless and there’s no doubt that the appetite for connected car features is growing. 

    “With this high level of interest in mind, O2 Car Connection comes at a perfect time – it puts the benefits of car connectivity into the hands of drivers today. This is truly a step into the future of motoring.”

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