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    Telefónica bundles wholesale, roaming and multinational business into new unit


    The creation of Telefónica Global Solutions is apparently part of the operator group’s ongoing transformation.

    Telefónica has created new business unit, Telefónica Global Solutions, for its wholesale (TIWS), roaming and multinational businesses.

    The company says this is part of the transformation strategy it laid out late last year.

    The new unit is charged with consolidating and improving the Group’s capabilities by coming up with innovative solutions and international services, and global projects for global clients.

    Global obligations

    The new unit serves more than 1,500 global customers, including 400 operators around the world, direct sales in the US, and multinational companies served in more than 20,000 facilities globally.

    Through a network of more than 100 strategic partners and more than 400 roaming agreements, it provides service in 170 countries. It has more than 110 points of presence (PoPs) and carries an average of more than 15 billion voice minutes and 130 petabytes of roaming data transmission annually.

    Julio Beamonte, CEO of Telefónica Global Solutions, said, “With Telefónica Global Solutions we not only reinforce the commitment we have with our clients, accompanying them in their own transformation, [and] offering them innovative and global solutions throughout the world, but we also align ourselves even more with the Group’s mission by putting people and companies at the centre of everything.”