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    Telefónica demos 5G AR-enhanced tourism


    Telefónica, working with partners, has developed a 5G augmented reality solution that allows passengers to view immersive content projected onto tour bus windows, superimposed on landmarks.

    The 5G Augmented Tourism project was demonstrated this week during a tour of the Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona, providing tourists with additional information via augmented reality content over 5G.

    This pilot was developed through the 5GBarcelona initiative. Mediapro Group designed the experience, selected and developed the augmented reality software and content, and installed the specialist screens on two tourist buses.

    Telefónica set up a 5G high-speed network, including edge computing. Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona provided the buses for the pilot.

    A statement from Telefónica said, “Thanks to connected vehicles and high mobile connectivity, this type of experience can now be offered to public transport passengers, while in the future the autonomous car will open up a wide range of possibilities for the consumption of mobility content within the cars themselves.”