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    Telia partners with CapMan Infra to boost fibre roll-out in Finland


    Telia Company is working with Capman Infra, the infrastructure investment arm of Nordic private asset management firm CapMan.

    The partners want to acclerate fibre rollout: Telia is particularly targeting households. It will work with CapMan Infra to accelerate the pace of investments in passive fibre across Finland and will provide the fibre access network.

    Under the agreement, Telia will hold a 40% stake in a new company which will take over Telia Finland’s existing single dwelling unit fibre roll-out business, Avoin Kuitu.

    Convergence and customer experience

    Stein-Erik Vellan, Senior Vice President, Head of Telia Finland, said, “I’m really happy that we have come to this agreement with CapMan Infra which fits very well with Telia Company’s strategy of having superior network connectivity while adding to our commercial success through convergence and great customer experience.

    “The network roll-out will play an important role for Finland to maintain its position at the very forefront of digitalisation. This new type of structure with a partnership ties well with our ambition of disciplined allocation where we, case by case and market by market, seek a good balance between the risk and reward and potential future technology shifts as well as short versus long-term thinking.”

    The transaction is subject to approval from relevant authorities and is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2020.