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    The DabaDoc will see you now – Orange connects a video-medicine service for families across African diaspora


    Orange has now created 14 long distance locums for Africa

    DabaDoc and Orange are launching DabaDoc Consult, a new service that lets Africans in Europe and the US create instant video medical consultations for their relatives back home.

    The launch was inspired by a common concern among émigrés: taking care of the health of their loved ones in their homeland. Now Orange and Dabadoc are giving them access to a video medical consultation wherever they are.

    DabaDoc and Orange Link teams jointly developed a simple process where the customer, from the diaspora, offers a DabaDoc Consult sign in to the Orange Transfert Pays (country transfer) platform. They then choose the amount they wish for the consultation and pay for the service by bank card. The beneficiary of the DabaDoc Consult then instantly receives a code that they can use as payment for the video consultation on the platform.

    The system was first launched by DabaDoc in Morocco in March 2020 in mid-pandemic. The video medical consultations were soon adopted by both patients and doctors as a timely alternative to spreading Covid. The health crisis played a catalytic role in the adoption of video consultations all over the world and saved time for consultants in many fields. Few need the physical presence of the patient. Video surgeries save time, are discrete and ensure confidentiality. They also provide much greater patient options, granting them access to one of the 10,000 healthcare providers listed on DabaDoc.

    In Africa there is a ratio of one doctor per 1,000 inhabitants, according to the GSMA. Orange and its partners have developed 14 e-health services in seven African countries, offering advice and remote monitoring of patients, requests for home care and monitoring of child vaccinations.

    DabaDoc and Orange signed a strategic partnership in June 2021 aimed at benefiting from Orange’s technological expertise and payment systems so more long distance locums can address  the entire African healthcare ecosystem.