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    Vodafone mobilises intelligence to improve road safety in Europe


    Safer Transport for Europe Platform is a big step

    Vodafone has created a new system to connect road users with each other and the transport authorities to make the roads safer for everyone. The new Safer Transport for Europe Platform (STEP) aims to address the problem of data fragmentation and information silos that stop connectivity from improving road safety.

    The system provides safety information, hazard warnings and traffic updates to be shared instantly on any device or in-vehicle system they are using. The idea is that better intelligence makes us act less stupidly. 

    Vodafone claims the system is compatible with all third-party apps and in-vehicle navigation systems. It achieved this by collaborating with multiple partners to bring the technology to road users and now it plans to share the system within its own Vodafone Automotive apps later this year. 

    Transport authorities today are often limited to delivering safety updates through the road infrastructure, such as motorway gantries that warn you about congestion once you’re already stuck in a ten mile tailback. Variable-messages and matrix signs are no better, says Vodafone. The limited number of technologies developed by independent manufacturers, such as in-vehicle navigation systems, are another failing. 

    STEP will solve these problems, says Vodafone, by bringing everyone in the sector together. Its cloud-based STEP system is built on open industry standards and unites a community of participants with a common purpose. Governments, transport authorities, vehicle manufacturers, mobility service providers and other mobile network operators are now working together to improve road safety across Europe, according to Joakim Reiter, Vodafone’s chief external and corporate affairs officer.

    “Improving road safety is still a major challenge for Europe,” said Reiter, “We believe that open platforms for faster, more efficient data sharing can play a significant role in prevention needless fatalities and injuries happening on our roads each year.” 

    STEP is designed to be compatible with all map apps and in-vehicle navigation systems developed by partner organisations. Users will benefit from free access to the system and its safety features, said Vodafone.