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    TIM opens first mmwave lab in Turin


    TIM has opened the first lab dedicated to millimetre wave technology, as it looks to test high telco frequencies and new antenna systems.

    The lab is located in Turin and comprises a far-field compact antenna test range and a spherical near-field test range. Both ranges will focus on frequencies between 6GHz and 100GHz.

    The technology has been identified as a key way of enabling high capacity networks and transmissions speeds of up to dozens of GBps.

    The operator said it will work with international research projects and continue to collaborate with others to ensure 5G equipment is available as soon as possible.

    Gabriela Styf Sjoman, Head of Engineering, said: “5G will support a new range of services and applications able to support the digitalization of the economy, with a special focus on Internet of Things and vertical markets (transportation, logistic, automotive, health, manufacturing, energy, media, entertainment).

    “To support all these applications a strong capacity and performance increase of the wireless network is required. Very high frequencies and innovative antenna systems are among the main building blocks of 5G. The new Lab opened in Torino will allow us to understand, develop and exploit these new technologies, and to cooperate with key international partner to accelerate equipment availability.”

    Earlier this month, BT announced it was working with Nokia to research a wide range of 5G technologies, including mmwave.

    Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are among the other European operators testing the technology’s capabilities and potential.