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    Turkcell to target smart cities following Gaziantep project


    Turkcell is targeting connecting cities in Turkey after partnering with the Municipality of Gaziantep in an effort to boost urban development. 

    The operator revealed it had installed 900 M2M-connected power meters throughout Gaziantep offering real-time measurements, as well as vehicle tracking, free Wi-Fi on the city’s public transport systems and 26 “smart” tram stops.

    Turkcell said it also helps with the city’s water management, providing tracking technology for wells and water tanks to prevent flooding and optimise irrigation for Gaziantep’s green spaces.

    As a result of such solutions, the city has saved approximately 30 million Turkish Liras (€12.7 million) over the past year, Turkcell claimed. 

    Selen Kocabas, the operator’s Chief Corporate Business Officer, said: “Every city requires a technology vision that fits its specific needs and priorities. Our mission as Turkcell is to join forces with municipalities and develop unique solutions that ensure sustainable urban development.”

    The operator also revealed that Gaziantep had become the first Turkish city to join the City Protocol Society, an international community of connected cities which also includes Barcelona, Dublin, Amsterdam and Moscow among its members.

    Fatma Sahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, said: “The sustainable development of cities is possible only through the efficient management of information, technology and resources. In Gaziantep, we have significantly improved our problem-solving and governance capacity, partially thanks to the use of technology.

    “Turkcell has contributed to our journey in a number of different areas from energy efficiency to museum management, and we thank them for their support.”

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