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    Video: Operators need to broaden horizons to win at IoT


    Deutsche Telekom and Tele 2 have underlined how they are looking to capitalise on the Internet of Things, in exclusive video interviews with Mobile Europe.

    In a series of special interviews exploring the fast-growing IoT sector, Mobile Europe spoke to Rami Avidan, Commercial Director of M2M for Tele2 Group, who discussed his company’s current Internet of Things strategy. The operator has recently become the first to offer LTE connectivity for its M2M business.

    Avidan explained what this means for its remaining 2G and 3G networks and also discussed how the operator is looking at different kinds of connectivity to grow the market.

    Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom’s Holger Knopke argued it is countering the threat of OTT players by thinking with a similar mindset. He also discussed the operator’s approach to smart homes, a key plank of it IoT strategy.

    Finally, Robin Duke-Woolley from Beecham Research, claimed that hype around the Internet of Things, which has seen some predict more than 50 billion connections by 2020, could actually hinder the longer term growth of the market. He said operators and vendors need to be more realistic about what can be achieved.