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    Video: The tech and standards powering the IoT


    The strengths and weaknesses of the various LPWAN tech were discussed at the European Communications/Mobile Europe Internet of Things Conference in December.

    The event, held in London, brought together attendees from across the telecoms industry to discuss the role of telcos in the IoT.

    A key session at the conference featured four speakers analysing the tech that hopes to power this emerging area.

    Caroline Gabriel, Research Director at Rethink Technology Research, outlines the range of low power wide area networks on the market and assesses their strengths and weaknesses.

    Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone Group Director of Research & Development, outlines the operator’s plans for NB-IoT.

    Matthew Phillips, VP for Business Development, NWave discusses how his company’s technology fits into the LPWAN landscape.

    David Hammarwall, Strategic Product Manager, LTE, Ericsson, discusses how the vendor is approaching the LPWAN space.

    Privacy and security were two other key issues discussed on the day.

    Beecham Research analyst Phill Pexton explains why securing the IoT is so complex and outlines the security implications.

    Daniel Tozer, Partner at Harbottle & Lewis, highlights the common key data security issues and provides some potential solutions.

    The event also featured a presentation from Vodafone about the connected car space. Click here to watch all the videos from the event.