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    T-Mobile cuts GPRS prices in the UK


    A GPRS connection cost from approximately UKP0.0075 per kilobyte is now available to T-Mobile customers in the UK.

    The low price relates to the cost of internet browsing which has been cut to UKP7.50 per megabyte kilobyte which roughly equates to viewing 500 WAP pages. The 0.75p per kilobyte and cost has been calculated from this and represents a significant reduction on the previous rate of UKP0.02 per kilobyte.
    This change in GPRS pricing is a part of a T-Mobile group initiative, in line with plans to drive the use of mobile multimedia propositions, and particularly the company’s t-zones, which are currently featuring in a major advertising campaign across four of  T-Mobile’s European markets.
    Sandy Munro, marketing director at T-Mobile UK, commented, “Fast mobile data transmission via GPRS is now a standard feature of most new mobile phones.
    “We believe that all customers should have the opportunity to get to know our wide range of mobile multimedia services and to use them more extensively than ever before. These changes to our GPRS pricing mean that mobile data applications will finally reach the mass market.”