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    Now you can be Black and Blue


    The manufacturer of the BlackBerry handheld email and phone device, Research In Motion (RIM), has reiterated its commitment to adding Bluetooth capability to the devices.

    The BlackBerry has increased in functionality since its launch as an email-only device but users have been unable to connect a Bluetooth headset to use whilst driving.
    But that is all set to change, according to RIM’s commercial director Ronnie Burnett.
    “We will be supporting Bluetooth in future devices, including the 7000 range. Bluetooth will come first, then WiFi a bit later,” he said. “It is likely about the end of the year by what I’ve seen.”
    “We resisted Bluetooth and WiFi in the early days,” added Burnett. “We didn’t want to be viewed as some kind of modem. [Now] with most devices having this, we have done a U-turn.”
    RIM will also unveil additional push capability with the release of version 4 of its BES operating system, including the ability to push address books out to workers in the same manner as with email and calendar.