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    French transport win for TETRA


    The Parisian public transport agency (RATP) has awarded the contract for its network modernisation to Alcatel, which will deploy Nokia TETRA equipment to cover Paris’ extensive Metro, express line and bus system.

    The project is scheduled to be completed in 2007 and the TETRA network to be deployed by Alcatel comprises six Nokia TETRA switches and around 500 TETRA base stations. The contract also includes operator consoles developed by Alcatel using Nokia’s open interfaces, and Alcatel’s mass transit-specific applications.
    The network will enable mobile voice and data connectivity for over 10,000 personnel including bus, express-line and metro conductors, as well as maintenance crews and security personnel.
    “We are glad to have been able to provide the most suitable solution for RATP and Alcatel.” says Hans Holmberg, Vice President, TETRA Sales and Marketing, Nokia.