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    Anam breaks messaging pricing models


    Anam has announced its Fair Pay pricing models for its Eclipse series of Messaging Delivery and Content Management Platforms.

    In a radical departure from industry vendor norms, Anam’s Fair Pay approach is non-transaction based and allows operators to plan their service expansion on a fixed cost basis.

    “Our Fair Pay commercial models help with revenue growth expansion by offering a low-risk approach to both service deployment and expansion. Operators can test this technology within their network with minimal financial risk” said Gerry McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, Anam.

    Over the next few years, operators will face increasing end-user pricing pressure on SMS and even MMS pricing. SMS pricing pressures will be driven by ongoing competition from other competitors and most importantly from new advanced multimedia services that have to be priced at consumer levels. 

    “Consumers will only spend a limited percentage of their disposable income on mobile communication and entertainment. We can provide operators with the flexibility to offer lower cost SMS & MMS services, whilst improving their real net profits,” explained McKenna.

    SMS pricing models have also restricted the widespread adoption of mobile IM-style chat services. Anam’s technical and business approaches now make this a commercially viable service option.

    Typical pricing models are based on transaction-per-second licenses and can be node-based, which means that expansion and upgrade costs are considerable. Similarly, ongoing maintenance charges are typically related to the size of the license price and bear no relation to the required maintenance effort.

    Much of the world’s SMS infrastructure is aging and will require eventual replacement. Fair Pay from Anam offers a new commercial approach that makes this process financially easier to manage.

    “At Anam, we believe it is time to offer a new pricing model that reflects the massive level of additional investment required by operators to maintain a successful Data Service. Anam’s Fair Pay approach can ensure that the costs of delivering this service are more efficient to operators,” said McKenna.

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