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    Strong MMS growth in TeliaSonera Denmark


    Danes love texting

    Mobile messages using pictures, text and sound have proved immensely popular with Danes. MMS is primarily used for sending humorous messages and for pure entertainment.
    But MMS messages are also coming more and more into their own as a practical tool for accessing such items as news and city maps.

    “With the introduction of an attractive product like Telia Xpress, customers can now simply and easily utilise the full potential of MMS technology. Throughout 2003, we have exploited our position as challenger to promote solutions that have also highlighted the benefits of MMS technology for our customers. The boom in MMS messaging has taken place in the second half of 2003, accounting for a whopping 85% of the total number of messages sent in 2003,” says Jesper Brøckner, CEO, Telia Mobile.

    The rise in Danish Telia users’ MMS messaging represents a 531 % growth compared to the first half of 2003 and has secured Telia a 29% MMS market share. The increasing hold of mobile phones on Danish daily life has also meant that Telia customers sent almost 600 million more SMS messages in the second half of 2003 than they did in the first half of that same year. This translates into a Telia SMS market share of 33 %.

    “It’s not just youngsters who are sending SMS messages. Danes in general have become more used to sending short personal and practical greetings via SMS. In recent years, a plethora of business-related services have also appeared on the market. For instance, people can subscribe to business news and a share-monitoring service that sends them SMS messages when shares rise or fall by a certain percentage. You can even receive travel offers from travel operators and prolong your parking ticket using SMS. All of these new options have helped to make SMS a greater part of our daily lives,” says Jesper Brøckner.

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