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    Audio testing capability for latest handsets


    Radio Frequency Investigation Ltd (RFI) has launched its
    ‘over the air’ audio testing services for testing the latest mobile

    Based on its Rohde & Schwarz CMU 200 test platform this
    addition further enhances the scope of RFI’s test capability.  The testing capability offered will help manufacturers meet the latest specifications laid down by the GCF and PTCRB, the European and US Standards bodies. For those manufacturers wanting total confidence in acoustical properties a number of additional test cases are also available providing the scope for audio testing above and beyond that laid down in the specifications.

    Launched on a dedicated test site, testing has become simpler since manufacturers will no longer have to supply handsets that previously were modified specifically for this testing to be carried out.

    This new testing capability is part of RFI’s ongoing investment plans for 2004 including new 3G test platforms, a new EMC test facility and the creation of a brand new laboratory.

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