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    Applications developers join remote test community


    DeviceAnywhere, a company that offers application developers over-the-internet access to allow them to test applications on up to 1,000 real mobile handsets, has announced two new partners – NetBiscuits and Mobile Distillery.

    Netbiscuits is a mobile Internet development platform to support Adobe Flash and AJAX technologies. As a member of the DeviceAnywhere Connect programme, Netbiscuits’ user community will receive extended benefits.

    “As part of our goal to maintain innovation throughout our own product offering, we also plan to extend best of breed solutions to our users through our partners,” said Michael Neidhofer, CEO for Netbiscuits. “Through DeviceAnywhere, we offer our customers an additional, independent testing facility that enables them to test the perfectly formatted rich media mobile Websites they created with Netbiscuits – on more than 1000 real devices in real mobile network environments.”
    Mobile Distillery’s Celsius software solution is an optimisation and porting platform for BREW and Java mobile applications.

    “The ability to access real mobile devices though a simple desktop interface can dramatically improve time-to-market,” said Razmig Sarkissian, integration and test manager for Mobile Distillery.  “DeviceAnywhere, the only solution with the hardware and software required to build advanced Java and BREW apps in a real development environment, accomplishes this feat.
    DeviceAnywhere provides access to more than 1000 real mobile devices, on live worldwide mobile networks, remotely over the Internet – for all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs. Anything a user can do with a device in his/her hand, can be done with the handsets in DeviceAnywhere  – including pressing device buttons, tapping on touch screens, viewing the LCD, listening to ringers and speakers and even hardware specific functions such as connecting/disconnecting the battery or opening/closing a handset.