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    5G: KPN explores industrial IoT orchestrator role


    KPN is collaborating with Accenture to demonstrate the value of industrial 5G applications.

    At the KPN-led Industrial 5G Field Lab Initiative, located at the Shell Pernis Refinery in the Rotterdam Harbour area, the partners will develop and test industrial applications using 5G networks.

    Hanneke ten Hove, a managing director at Accenture, said that 5G can “generate tremendous productivity enhancements” for businesses, adding that communications service providers can act as the “connected industry orchestrator” to support the trillions of daily micro-transactions that are expected to be generated from the Internet of Things.

    Testing, testing

    Use cases that have already been tested at the KPN Lab include using 5G-enabled, ultra-high-definition (UHD) cameras to scan wide areas of connected piping. The data, collected in real-time, and processed by Accenture’s digital plant corrosion analytics platform, identifies high-risk corrosion areas for preventative maintenance.

    Another use case shows how 5G technology can help workers – for instance, providing them with access to real-time information via augmented reality on a tablet and smart helmet. The smart helmet also allows the worker to access multiple information streams simultaneously — including voice, high-definition video, augmented reality and digital work instructions — so that they can collaborate with remote colleagues.

    Embracing 5G early

    Jacob Groote, executive vice president of Business Products at KPN, said, “5G is not just another generation of connectivity; rather, it will affect and connect all of society. It is therefore crucial that we explore, with customers and technology partners, how 5G can optimise business processes and improve customer experience.

    “By embracing 5G early, and with Accenture’s help, we can broaden our ecosystem to connect businesses and provide new use cases across many different industries and sectors, from agriculture and logistics to manufacturing and more. The 5G Field Lab is just the start of what we can achieve in the new, connected world.”

    Hove added: “Those that act now will be the biggest winners in the race to share the billions of dollars of new value created by emerging expectations of enterprise customers.”