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    Location service to rival GPS


    Verilocation, an automatic mobile phone location service, which uses information from the UK’s mobile networks to locate users, has gone live and already has over a thousand users.

    Accurate to within 100 metres Verilocation allows businesses to have a ‘GPS type’ location capability without the need for specialist equipment, contracts or software. Provided as a simple pay-as-you-go Web service, companies pay an initial registration fee and thereafter UKP0.20 per search, purchased by buying credits online.
    Verilocation is primarily aimed at companies with staff or assets travelling out and about but for whom GPS is not viable.
    According to Verilocation, the service offers a ‘much more cost-effective solution than GPS.’ It links the mobile phone user to the underlying road network and displays the information in an easy-to-understand visual format using the on-screen map. The service is accessed via the web.
    The basic service plots the position of the mobile phone, whilst more advanced applications involving resource allocation, automatic despatch, routing and activity analysis, are also under development.