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    Deutsche Telekom launches Cloud of Things starter kit for enterprises


    Deutsche Telekom has launched a Cloud of Things starter kit, which it said gives enterprises quick and easy access to the Internet of Things.

    It comprises a gateway, sensors, a SIM card, data plan and data processing, allowing companies to track their machinery remotely without the need for complex integration.

    The modem with integrated sensor analysis has been provided by Cisco and the cloud solution is based on the vendor’s own Intercloud product.

    Deutsche Telekom operates the IoT platform in a secure German data centre, which processes all of the relevant data. Customers can then access it via an online portal.

    The sensors can track the likes of GPS data, temperature and humidity. One potential use of the kit could be to specify threshold values for certain machinery, like a certain temperature it must operate below. If it exceeds this, the company then receives a warning and can take remedial action.

    The kit will be sold to corporate customers and small and medium-sized business during the summer.

    Hagen Rickmann, Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland, said: “With the Cloud of Things Starter Kit our customers can, among other things, network machinery, devices or vehicles without a major integration overhead and also monitor these remotely.

    “Companies can try out and test the solution at an affordable price before they migrate large parts of their production and can even leverage the garnered insights to develop new business models which allow them to set themselves apart from the competition.”

    A recent report from Verizon said enterprise demand and more sophisticated developer tools were among the factors helping to make the Internet of Things mainstream.