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    ElevenPaths boosts enterprise security with Check Point partnership


    Telefónica’s security subsidiary ElevenPaths has bolstered its range by adding solutions by security vendor Check Point to its range of products.

    The Spanish operator will offer its corporate customers the likes of Check Point’s Mobile Threat Prevention and its other security products.

    Telefónica said the move offers businesses a greater level of protection from hackers keen to get their hands on sensitive data.

    It said ElevenPaths’ range of services now spans protection against malicious applications, network attacks and attacks against devices’ operating systems. It can also offer an organisation a view of threats across its entire portfolio of devices.

    Pedro Pablo Pérez, Vice President of Products and Services, ElevenPaths, said: “The Telefónica mobile security and mobility management solution facilitates day-to-day in business communications, guaranteeing productivity and protecting employee devices at all times. This agreement provides our customers with unparalleled mobile security with a joint product that combines Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention with Tacyt, a cyber intelligence mobile threat tool developed by ElevenPaths.”

    Amnon Bar-Lev, President, Check Point, added:“We believe mobile devices are the weakest link in corporate security today, leaving businesses susceptible to data leakage and network attacks. This agreement is a key part of protecting today’s businesses, and we’re looking forward to working with Telefónica and Eleven Paths to protect businesses around the world from these threats.”

    A report from Nokia from earlier this year said smartphones are now more dangerous than Windows laptops and PCs.