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    EE strengthens LTE grip in London, as operators tussle for second


    EE has continued to be the best performing network in London, but new research has found the face for second place is increasingly close.

    Rootmetrics’ latest report into network performance in the UK’s capital revealed EE won or shared the top slot across six categories, clinching the overall performance award for the seventh time in a row.

    It had a median download speed of 29.8MBps, considerably ahead of rivals Vodafone (11.4MBps), O2 (10.2MBps) and Three (9.6MBps).

    EE’s median upload speeds of 13.2MBps were also well ahead of Vodafone (8.4MBps), O2 (7.7MBps) and Three (5.8MBps).

    Rootmetrics noted that the race for second is narrowing. EE scored 96.5 overall, O2 was second with 91.6, Vodafone third with 91.3 and Three in fourth (90.9).

    The research agency said that since its last test in October, EE’s rate of dropped calls had improved from 1.0 percent to 0.4 percent. O2 also saw its dropped call rate improve from 1.4 percent to 0.9 percent.

    It also applauded Three for improving its download and upload speeds. Median downloads improved from 6.2MBps to 9.6MBps, while uploads more than doubled from 2.8MBps to 5.8MBps.

    There was also praise for Vodafone, which saw its rate of blocked calls reduce from 1.9 percent to 1.3 percent.

    While the UK’s capital is performing strongly, a recent report from consumer agency Which? found only half of the country’s population could access LTE across the company’s four networks.

    EE performed the best, with its customers able to access LTE 60.6 percent of the time.

    Vodafone was second with 57 percent, followed by O2 (56 percent) and Three (39.8 percent).

    Rootmetrics conducted more than 70,000 tests over the course of a week in April.