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    Gemalto to act as Trusted Service Manager for Vodafone


    Gemalto has been selected by Vodafone Group to provide and operate its global Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform and deploy NFC services solutions.The multi-year global contract will see Gemalto integrate its Allynis TSM service platform and the company’s UpTeq NFC card to provide service management for Vodafone and its partners.

    As the turnkey supplier and systems integrator for Vodafone’s international project, Gemalto will provide for the launch of a range of services that can address hundreds of millions of subscribers, located in all the countries where Vodafone Group operates. 

    To support this program, Gemalto’s solution will allow both Vodafone subsidiaries and third party service providers such as banks, transport operators and retailers to plug into the NFC ecosystem.

    • Secure loading onto OTA platform
    • Encrypted data cannot be used if intercepted

    “We are committed to partnering with the best suppliers to offer customers the speed, simplicity and convenience of managing everyday transactions with a single wave or tap of their smartphones” said Christian Wirtz, Vodafone Group’s mCommerce Director. “The consumer benefits of contactless payments are obvious and the industry in Europe is now at the beginning of rolling out a contactless infrastructure. The potential of mobile to transform existing industries – such as financial services, retail and transport- is enormous.”

    “Vodafone’s decision to deploy the first global NFC service with Gemalto marks another important milestone in the long-standing and successful relationship between the two companies” added Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice-President of Telecommunications at Gemalto. “With the experience of dozens of TSM deployments worldwide, Gemalto brings significant accumulated expertise from both the telecoms and banking sectors. Vodafone’s project will benefit from Gemalto’s robust solution portfolio and from our know-how in end-to-end mission-critical systems integration.”

    The TSM is defined as a neutral player in the NFC value chain whose role is to manage and provide service availability, including security and encryption of data, to third party service and application providers who want to access the NFC secure element to provide services. Telefonica Digital is using rival card vendor Giesecke & Devrient as its TSM – a partnership announced in December 201