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    GSMA and Linux Foundation partner for common NFV infrastructure framework


    The GSMA and LF’s Networking Group aim to create a common industry framework for network functions virtualisation infrastructure (NFVi).

    Hosted by the GSMA and created with input from the Linux Foundation, the Common NFVi Telco Taskforce (CNTT) aims to reduce fragmentation in the telecoms industry and help operators save time and money.

    The CNTT will operate as an open committee responsible for creating and documenting a Common NFVi Framework.


    The partners say that such an industry-aligned NFVi framework will help accelerate deployment across the telecoms stack, from infrastructure to Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

    The CNTT will work with global service providers to define and create VNF reference architectures for NFVi (consisting of a global NFVi reference model, reference architecture and global VNF certification lifecycle).

    The common NFVi reference architectures will be submitted to LF Networking for testing and verification via the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP).

    Common approach

    Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA, said, “Operators are undergoing a period of significant digital transformation by migrating their networks from a physical to a virtualised or cloud environment. However, this is a challenging and time-consuming process involving integrating multiple different vendors into a common infrastructure.

    “By following a common approach and framework, operators will vastly reduce the time and costs associated with integration and accelerate adoption and deployment.”

    “We are pleased to collaborate with the GSMA to simplify NFVi efforts across the industry,” added Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Automation, Edge & IoT, the Linux Foundation.

    “CNTT is a key enabler for our OVP programme that brings NFVi, ONAP, VNFs and OPNFV initiatives together, helping accelerate deployments.”

    The CNTT will hold a face-to-face meeting in Paris on 23-25 July to discuss reference model development and analyse integration requirements with OPNFV projects, processes and procedures.

    The event is open to anyone interested in joining the taskforce, including both carriers and vendors.