HomeNewsKapsch to integrate Openet Policy Manager in six Telekom Austria companies

    Kapsch to integrate Openet Policy Manager in six Telekom Austria companies


    Telekom Austria Group has selected Kapsch CarrierCom to integrate the Openet Policy Manager across six operating companies in Eastern Europe. The deal was primed by Kapsch, and the company will serve as the system integrator and provide regional complimentary services and support for the solution.

    The six network operators will deploy spam attack detection and flexible bill shock prevention as well as the implementation of requirements related to roaming regulation. The deployment of Openet’s Policy Manager product will go live in 2012 for approximately 19 million mobile subscriberse.

    The roll out to operators will take place in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Serbia, and Slovenia.

    “Kapsch and Telekom Austria Group have been cooperating for several years. The knowledge we have gained through providing regional services and support within our cooperation with Telekom Austria Group is crucial for the integration. Openet’s Policy Manager delivers exceptional performance and flexibility and is an ideal solution to enable a safe mobile experience for Telekom Austria Group’s operating companies,” explains Thomas Schopf, Kapsch CarrierCom’s COO. “While the power of mobile devices and their data usage grows, it has become increasingly important for consumers to remain secure during the usage of mobile services.”

    “We continue to empower communications service providers worldwide and working with Telekom Austria Group has expanded our presence in the fast-growing market of Central and Eastern Europe,” says Michael Manzo, CMO of Openet. “With the Policy Manager implementation, Telekom Austria Group’s operating companies can offer a more personalized experience tailored directly to subscribers and their own network needs. The deployment will lead to maximum customer satisfaction and network efficiency.”

    This PCRF implementation will require the Openet Policy Manager to deeply integrate with the mobile packet core nodes, which is an area of expertise for Kapsch.

    “Kapsch and Telekom Austria Group are connected through long-term business relations. Through Kapsch’s knowledge and experience as our business partner in the area of system integration, an efficient integration is guaranteed,” says Johann Pichler, CTO of Telekom Austria Group. “Openet has made it easy for us to offer our operators within the Telekom Austria Group flexible and secure policy and billing solutions to support the smartphone revolution, while providing both new and existing customers with enriched and innovative services that will enhance their experience of our network service.”