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    NEC, HP team up to deliver virtualised solutions


    NEC and HP have teamed up to explore and accelerate the adoption of network functions virtualisation (NFV).

    The partnership will involve NEC offering its virtual network functions through HP’s OpenNFV Platform, which will deliver operators more reliable and scalable networks.

    The companies will embark on proof of concept testing to ensure NEC’s virtual network functions can integrate with HP’s infrastructure range of products. They said the eventual product would feature an open architecture based on ETSI NFV ISG standards.

    The integrated product will go on sale later this year and will include HP servers, networking and storage products.

    NEC and HP also said they will develop a joint NFV reference platform to demonstrate NEC’s virtual network functions and management software. The platform will run on HP OpenNFV infrastructure in OpenStack and Linux KVM environments.

    Atsuo Kawamura, Senior Vice President of NEC, said: “NFV technologies enable flexible, scalable, and operationally efficient service deployment that will transform conventional network operations. NEC has a track record of expertise in commercially delivering SDN/NFV solutions for mobile and fixed networks. This collaboration with HP will help us further strengthen our NFV solutions portfolio to help CSPs bring new innovative services to market more quickly and efficiently.”

    Werner Schaefer, Vice President of Network Functions Virtualisation at HP, said: “CSPs are looking for ways to easily implement NFV technology. Our collaboration with NEC is intended to create more open environments for customers, meeting their desire for faster deployment at a lower cost, continuing our commitment to enabling increased adoption of NFV technology.”