HomeNewsProxama aims for Ubiquitous BLE coverage with UK taxi deal

    Proxama aims for Ubiquitous BLE coverage with UK taxi deal


    Mobile marketing specialist Proxama is set to install up to 4,000 Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in taxis across London and other UK major cities after signing a deal with advertising firm Ubiquitous.

    Context relevant messages will be sent to passengers’ smartphones from the beacons during their journeys. Proxama has been testing BLE beacons since the beginning of the year.

    In July, Proxama worked with advertising company Exterion to install beacons in 500 London buses, following a six month trial of the tech in Norwich.

    According to the company, BLE is a more effective form of mobile advertising because of its comparatively high click through rates. It said 24 percent of consumers who receive context relevant advertising will click through to an app.

    Ubiquitous has installed NFC and passenger Wi-Fi into black cabs during the past 10 years.

    Andrew Barnett, Managing Director, Ubiquitous, said: “For all brands, the opportunity to connect with their customers through proximity marketing, in a high dwell-time setting such as the back of the cab, provides a unique one-to-one moment in which there is the time to respond to messages and offers.”

    Jon Worley, CEO of Proxama marketing division added: “The average cab journey lasts around 20 minutes in London and is a natural time for people to engage with their smartphone for messages and new content. We look forward to seeing the customer reaction.”