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    Sigfox, Texas Instruments pushing narrowband IoT after new launches


    Sigfox and electronics company Texas Instruments (TI) are working together to increase IoT deployments using sub-1GHz spectrum, following the launch of new narrowband modules based on TI transceivers.

    The Sigfox-certified Adeunis SI868-25MW, Radiocrafts RC1780 and Telit LE51-868 S all contain TI’s CC1120 Sub-1GHz RF transceiver, which uses narrowband technology to provide long-range, low-power IoT connectivity.

    All of the modules operate in the 868MHz frequency. Sigfox said TI’s transceiver could provide “years” of battery life thanks to the high spectral efficiency of frequencies below 1GHz, which it claimed was “critical” to facilitate the uptake of IoT technology.

    Sigfox and TI will now work together to promote the benefits of narrowband deployments for applications in environmental sensors, smart meters, agriculture and farming, asset tracking and smart cities.

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    Oyvind Birkenes, General Manager of Wireless Connectivity Solutions at TI, said: “Narrowband technology is the superior option for a global Internet of Things network, because it offers the lowest-cost, most energy-efficient connectivity, along with the data capacity and robust coexistence, that competing technologies just cannot match.

    “We are excited to be working with Sigfox to expand their network deployments and bring the benefits of narrowband Sub-1 GHz technology to users worldwide.”

    Stuart Lodge, EVP of Global Sales at Sigfox, claimed TI’s CC1120 was a “powerful endorsement” of its ultra-narrowband IoT network.

    Lodge said: “TI’s Sub-1 GHz technology is an excellent fit for the SIGFOX network, because it supports long-range and high-capacity connectivity in a system-cost-optimised way that users everywhere require to fully benefit from the potential of the Internet of Things.”

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