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    Swisscom expands Microsoft Azure cloud portfolio for small and medium-size firms


    The operator says this will particularly benefit companies like architectural and engineering firms which use resource-intensive applications.

    Swisscom’s corporate customers already have access to the Swisscom/Microsoft Azure offer. The product is sold through local Swisscom partners and includes Microsoft Premier Support as standard.

    This means that any support requests that the local partner cannot resolve will be forwarded directly to the contact person at Swisscom or Microsoft and treated as a priority.

    Hogging resources

    Swisscom notes that detailed construction plans, interactive elements and 3D models make CAD software a resource-intensive tool, especially in the construction industry and other fields where design plays a central role.

    Hence, depending on project size and complexity, the processing power and storage capacity requirements can quickly become too much for a company’s own servers.

    With Microsoft Azure, Swisscom is  offering this cloud solution, which also supports mobile working and provides the required capacities on a flexible basis, eliminating costly internal IT infrastructure investments.

    Operation and maintenance become the responsibility of experts at the cloud provider. Microsoft Azure can also caters for the individual needs of Swisscom SME customers in the areas of IoT and machine learning.

    Triple expertise

    Microsoft Switzerland set up a new business unit 10 days ago, demonstrating its commitment to the SME segment. Reto Baschera, Head of the SME division at Microsoft Azure said, “Not all clouds are equal – the SME market is heterogeneous and so are its needs.

    “We are committed to offering every SME the optimal solution – whether that be Swisscom Cloud, Microsoft Azure or a combination of the two.”

    Martin Haas, Head of the new Small Medium Corporate (SMC) business unit at Microsoft Switzerland and member of the Executive Team, said, “Increasing competition and, of course, the current challenges are inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity among Swiss SMEs. Many have adapted quickly and effectively to the new conditions with the help of digital solutions, thereby realising market advantages.

    “Swisscom’s offering based on Azure services from our Swiss data centres will enable SMEs to become more resilient while also increasing their efficiency and capacity to innovate.”