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    Tele2 brings LoRa to Gothenberg


    Tele2 is building a LoRa network in Gothenberg, which it hopes will offer low bandwidth and long battery life applications to enterprise customers.

    The operator is working with IoT vendor Talkpool, whose customers include network operators and industrial enterprises, on the project.

    Tele2 said the new network would gives its customers the opportunity to test and develop a range of different use cases, such as measuring, monitoring or identifying the likes of products, buildings, people and animals.

    LoRa is one of several IoT standards competing for dominance. Orange has been rolling out LoRa network nationwide across France, as well as using its staff to test the technology.

    Rami Avidan, Managing Director, Tele2 IoT, said: “We are excited to be partnering with TalkPool on the deployment of this network. Our combined expertise in IoT will deliver real benefits to new and existing customers and provide a basis for the continued explosive growth in the Internet of Things.

    “We are convinced that our customers will need a wide range of new technologies in the IoT field and at Tele2, we want to give them the opportunity to use as many of these new technologies as possible in ways that are both simple and flexible. This launch is a step in that direction.”

    The news comes amid of a flurry of activity in Tele2’s IoT business. 

    The operator unveiled a partnership with IBM that sees the two companies offer an Internet of Things Starter Kit to enterprises.

    It also announced a contract win with 1-Fleet Alliance, a grouping of 17 different telematics service providers from across Europe.