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    Telefónica Digital, AirWatch to offer enterprise BYOD device management


    Telefónica Digital has announced a global partnership with AirWatch that promises enterprises an all-in-one Security Mobile Device Management platform to solve their BYOD headaches.

    Based on AirWatch’s Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Secure Content Locker (SCL) and Email Container (EC) products, the new web-based, multi-platform solution enables enterprises to control all the devices on VPN and Wi-Fi corporate networks through a single HTML 5-supported console.

    Depending on the customer’s needs, the solution can set a multitude of rules to secure sensitive information.

    For example, it can wipe the device when it comes onto and leaves the network, create an email container where rules can be set about what type of email attachments can be opened or give different employees in a company access to different levels of corporate information depending on their roles.

    Geo-fencing boundaries that limit access to information outside a certain geographic boundary and an app wrapping engine that enables internally built corporate apps to be wrapped in security code are also possible.

    “We want the IT department to feel comfortable,” Victor Cooper, AirWatch’s global communication manager, told Mobile Europe.

    “The devices connect to the MDM server, which then relays information from the device to the corporate server. Depending on the specific deployment, the server can be hosted on-premise using the customer’s existing WLAN management or unified communications equipment, or even hosted on the AirWatch cloud.”

    The platform supports a full range of smartphone mobile OS, as well as legacy handset OS including Symbian, Windows-embedded and Blackberry 6.5.

    “Businesses face significant security challenges when capturing the opportunity that mobile technology offers in terms of productivity and efficiency gains”, said Jose Perdomo, Global Security Managing Director at Telefónica Digital.

    “This partnership with AirWatch puts us in an excellent position to meet the needs of our clients in this area. We combine their technical expertise with our global reach, corporate customer base and relationship with device manufacturers.”

    Globally, AirWatch has worked with operators including SingTel, Telstra, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T (read MWC 2013: Addressing the challenges of enterprise apps).

    The vendor’s device management solutions are used by businesses such as the UK’s National Health Service as well as by numerous airlines that have reduced the weight on planes by condensing the pilot’s heavy traditional flight bag of information into secure electronic data sent straight to iPads.