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    Video: Get 5G right, not first, urges Orange Labs Networks SVP


    Orange will be focused on getting 5G right, not getting out first with 5G, its SVP for Orange Labs Networks has said.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview at Mobile Europe’s CTO of the Year awards last month, Alain Maloberti said it was working hard within NGMN to ensure that the promise of 5G lives up to expectations.

    While operators are racing ahead with plans for 5G networks as early as 2018, coinciding with the likes of the World Cup or Winter Olympics, Maloberti said it is critical to make sure alluring use cases are developed for customers across enterprise and consumer.

    He said: “Within Orange, the aim is not to be first but to be good the first time… customers don’t care about the technology so if you sell 5G technology that is not good, they will not accept it in any case.”

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