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    T-Mobile UK launches 3G data card and WLAN business


    T-Mobile’s commitment to a combined wireless broadband access strategy was reflected in the launch of its 3G data card service in the UK, combined with the extension of its Wi-Fi HotSpot access points across the UK. The service launch is combined with a tariff providing unlimited usage of both the data cards and Wi-Fi access.

    The 3G data cards give access speeds of up to 128 KB, a speed which will progressively increase to 384KB in the coming months.
    With the card, customers can have  Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G access, with seamless roaming between GPRS and 3G, depending on the coverage available. T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi service is now available at over 500 locations in the UK (over 7,000 group-wide) and offers broadband internet access and services at speeds of over 1MB. T-Mobile plans a very considerable increase in the roll-out of its Wi-Fi HotSpots throughout the UK.
    Brian McBride, managing director of T-Mobile UK, said, “3G data cards give customers internet access at similar rates to those they experience with high speed fixed-line internet access. Together with the full broadband speeds and capabilities of our unique Wi-Fi service, T-Mobile is truly starting to put the internet in your pocket and enable you to take your office with you on the move.”
    The launch comes after trials with over 150 of T-Mobile’s business customers, including Hewlett Packard. The promotional launch of the cards will be focussed in the major business centres where T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is highest.
    The multi-media package costs £199 plus a monthly fee of £70 for a 12 month contract, and includes unlimited data access on 3G, 2.5G or Wi-Fi.  For a limited period the service will be free for the first three months.