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    Alcatel One Touch? 756 Phone: Camera? Action!


    Alcatel has launched the One Touch? 756 a mobile phone that matches dynamic design with an astonishing performance. Integrating a VGA camera, TFT screen, video function and MP3 melodies, the new One Touch? 756 brings users all the latest technology ensuring both intuitive and comfortable use.

    The best for videos and images
    Why  steal  a  single moment when you can capture an entire scene? With the One Touch? 756 you can do both. With the integrated high-quality VGA camera it is now possible to take photos, create animations and, more importantly, produce  video  clips lasting up to 30 seconds each. It is then possible to view  the  short  films on the whole screen, distribute your latest clip to correspondents via MMS (10 second formats) or infrared or set a video for a lively  main  screen.  The video can also be linked with a contact from the directory:  when a person from the directory calls, the corresponding video clip  will  run on the screen. The One Touch? 756 camera can operate in all light conditions: be it night-time, cloudy or indoors mode. It comes with a x8  zoom  and a self timer. The videos and images taken with the camera are crystal clear thanks to the TFT widescreen’s (33 x 44mm) 262,000 colours.

    The latest design and ergonomics
    Everything about the design of the One Touch? 756 is dynamic: its “capiton” keyboard  with  its  compact  buttons;  its diagonal lines on the sides and around the “OK” button; and the circular metallic shapes on the back. There is  a  choice  of  four  bands around the keyboard and for part of the back casing:  “electric  blue,” “mystic red”, “green lime” and “aluminium”. In a single click, the appearance of the One Touch? 756 changes completely: each of the six settings has its own stylised background for all the graphic and sound interface (“Beautiful” with purple and pink shades, “Techno” with its monochrome  oranges,  and  the  flashy  “PoppyDoggy”). The multimedia album enables the user to manage the content of images, videos and sounds.

    A wealth of multimedia offer
    In  keeping  with  past  phones,  Alcatel  has  paid close attention to the built-in  content of the One Touch? 756: it has 20 polyphonic ringtones (32 tones,  128 instruments), four fifteen-second MP3 sound files, photos, five videos and two Java? games. With its four-megabyte memory and class 10 GPRS modem,  the  One  Touch?  756  is  the  ideal  choice for those who like to download  additional  content.  It  can  be  connected  to  the Internet to retrieve e-mails and can quickly download new games and Java? applications.

    Alcatel  has  linked  up  with  some of the major names in entertainment to offer  free  downloadable  content  to  users:  every month, the TV channel Eurosport supplies the My One Touch* WAP site with ten spectacular clips of extreme  sports.  These  include:  freestyle  kite  surfing,  snowboarding, roller-skating,  BMX, and motocross? In the same way, the supplier of music Musiwave offers famous pieces of music in MP3 format.

    For  those  who want to go a step further in customization (synchronization of  the organizer, address books, creating videos, images and sounds) , the One  Touch? 756 comes with a very user-friendly PC Suite. It also has a Web box  service  to  send  files from a PC to a mobile phone effortlessly. The phone  is  triband  and  has a nine hour battery life whilst in use and 250 hours whilst on standby.