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    Telia’s new price plan


    Telia is launching two new mobile subscriptions today for private customers: Telia Mobile 50 and Telia Mobile 100. Just like their predecessor, Telia Mobile 25, these subscriptions include free calling minutes. 50 and 100 free call minutes a month are now on offer to 10 million Telia customers.

    Telia Mobile 25, which was launched in January 2004, has very quickly Telia’s most popular mobile subscription. Its successors, Telia Mobile 50 and Telia Mobile 100 are based on exactly the same principles. For fixed monthly fees of SEK 90 and SEK 170, customers can make 50 and 100 free minutes worth of calls a month to Telia’s fixed and mobile network. The fixed monthly fee for Telia Mobile 25 is SEK 50 and provides 25 free minutes of calls.

    “With our new subscriptions, we are creating simple services to meet our customers’ needs,” said Marie Ehrling, MD of TeliaSonera Sweden. “Telia Mobile 25 has been a success, and we will be continuing in this vein. The new subscriptions are chiefly aimed at our medium and major callers, and with this launch we have an attractive and complete offering to our private customers.”

    The free calling minutes apply round the clock, for calls to over ten million numbers, in other words’ Telia’s fixed and mobile network in Sweden. The free call minutes apply to the current month and cannot be accumulated. In conjunction with the launch, sales of the Telia Classic Flat and Telia Classic Talk 5 mobile subscriptions are being discontinued. 

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