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    Sequoia offers its customers Wyless, the intelligent mobile data network


    Wyless plc, the Data Network Operator, has announced that it will partner with Sequoia Technology Ltd., a leading UK supplier of Wireless Technology, who will offer Wyless services as part of its portfolio.

    As a wireless technology distributor, Sequoia Technology will complement its existing supply of wireless modules and modems with the unique services and capabilities of the Wyless data network. By providing capabilities such as fixed IP addressing, peer to peer connectivity and connection management the Wyless network enhances the development and usage of mobile applications based on GPRS. By combining this capability with their experience and product portfolio Sequoia is able to provide clients with complete mobile solutions.
    Nick Lidington, Managing Director of Sequoia Technology, explained the advantages of the cooperation as follows: “By offering the advanced services provided by the Wyless Network, we are able to make it easier for our customers to develop, deploy and manage mobile solutions. Furthermore, by simplifying and expanding our own capability we make it possible for integrators and developers to bring more compelling mobile solutions to their customers in a faster and easier manner”.
    One of the many unique features of the Wyless dedicated GPRS network, is the ability to assign a fixed IP address to each SIM, which is the same no matter how many times it reconnects to the network.
    The IP address can be public or private and is accessible via the Wyless data centre. WyLess also provides Peer to Peer connectivity (True M2M), server to device, device to server connectivity and optional encryption and acceleration of transmissions.
    Wyless CEO, Karl Ahmed said, “The addition of Sequoia Technology Limited as a partner is another important step in delivering our network management capability to the integrators and developers whose customers can benefit from its enhancements.  Sequoia’s experience in the development of mobile solutions with their clients allow them to take full advantage of the Wyless capability.  I’m looking forward to a very successful partnership.”