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    elata launches elata liberty device management solution for 3G mobile operators


    elata, Europe’s leading content and service delivery software vendor, has today announced the launch of the elata liberty device and content dependency system. The device management solution is a new software product that enables mobile operators to manage the growing number of complex, feature-rich devices on their network. It allows operators to unlock the revenue potential of these devices by offering subscribers access to a wider range of compatible mobile applications and content that their handsets would not otherwise support.

    Device and content dependency is a new concept within the wireless device management market. As increasingly sophisticated mobile devices are launched it is crucial that operators can automatically recognise the run-time capabilities of the device to deliver enabling device-resident applications.  These applications fall into three categories: operational management of the device; extending access to new services and customisation of the on-device brand experience. elata liberty has been developed to address the device and content dependency challenges facing mobile operators.

    For example, when a subscriber selects a video clip to download from their unique content catalogue, elata liberty will detect if the device has the appropriate video player and suitable firmware version to support it, and will automatically deliver and install the player along with the video clip.  Should a firmware upgrade be required, elata liberty will trigger this action in a partner’s over-the-air (OTA) platform, such as Bitfone’s mProve.  Operators will benefit from increased revenue potential by providing subscribers with access to content their device would not previously support and will add a layer of extensible management over the devices operating environment.

    “With the number of device shipments jumping 40% in Q1 2004 compared to Q1 in 20031  there is a growing requirement to maximise device revenue potential as well as minimise operational support costs.  As 3G services are launched and feature-rich devices proliferate, there will be a much greater emphasis on customising and controlling the user experience to give users access to a range of services that may require additional handset applications or interface extensions. Operators will also need the appropriate software to support the operational maintenance of these devices on their network,” said Matt Hooper, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances at elata.

    elata is also working with leading players in the device management market such as Bitfone, SmartTrust and WDSGlobal to create a complete, end-to-end device management solution.  elata liberty drives the real-time recognition of device capabilities and device content dependency management; Bitfones mProve manages device firmware upgrades; the SmartTrust Device Management solution handles over-the-air settings and SIM configuration; and WDSGlobal provides a device-specific knowledge base and operational customer support.  By working together to deliver a best-of-breed solution, a holistic platform is finally available for mobile operators looking to implement a device management strategy in support of new data services and the 3G environment.

    “Experience has shown us that many users of devices are not aware of the full functionality that exists on their handset or how to enable new services. The problem is growing as devices become more complex and the operational maintenance of these devices grows increasingly difficult for mobile operators,” explained Lars-Erik Sellin, Chief Technology Officer at SmartTrust. “By offering a clear device management solution that meets the key business drivers of mobile operators, opportunities are created for both revenue generation and operational cost control.”

    Gene Wang, CEO at Bitfone Corporation added: “With so many devices, software applications and network protocols in use today, the only way to deliver complete OTA software maintenance for mobile phones is through integrated solutions and adherence to standards.  Bitfone is driving initiatives within standards groups, such as the OMA, and embracing technology partners, such as elata and WDSGlobal, to define and commercialize standards-based solutions that will provide seamless device management for operators.  In this way, Bitfone is helping to extend firmware over-the-air (FOTA) deployments from just bug-fixing to enabling a dynamic, customer-driven mobile experience.”