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    T-Mobile International selects Nortel Networks for content-based billing solution intelligent packet core to enable new business models for bundling, pricing data services


    Wireless service provider T-Mobile International plans deployment of an intelligent packet core networking solution from Nortel Networks

    Under a new agreement, Nortel Networks will provide a solution designed to make it possible for T-Mobile to implement flexible billing options for subscribers based on the content they have accessed, time spent downloading, or volume of data downloaded. These capabilities create new business opportunities for offering ‘content-aware’ services for contract and pre-paid subscribers. T-Mobile plans to use these billing features for personalized mobile data services initially across the United Kingdom, with the potential to expand across other T-Mobile European networks.

    In addition to enabling content-based billing, the Nortel Networks solution will deliver an optimized IP (Internet Protocol)-based architecture that will greatly simplify network design and help drive reduced operating costs. This has traditionally required a complicated mix of routers, load balancers, firewalls and switches.

    “This decision aligns closely with T-Mobile’s One Network vision of offering ubiquitous customer experiences across Europe,” said Dr Wolfgang Ptacek, executive director and head of International Division Service Development at T-Mobile International. “We are leveraging our investments in Nortel Networks GPRS and UMTS packet core to deliver new billing and services options. By consolidating these services in the wireless packet core infrastructure, we will be able to accelerate the time-to-market for new services while greatly reducing the operational complexity.”

    “This is another example of Nortel Networks driving innovation in the wireless industry,” said Vivian Hudson, president and general manager, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Nortel Networks. “Our solution brings the full potential of IP technology to the wireless core network, which translates into a much more cost-effective way to deliver ‘content-aware’ services. Nortel Networks brings unmatched synergies based on our broad telecommunications experience. The T-Mobile packet core network will combine our expertise in wireless with our heritage in carrier data networking.”

    The Nortel Networks solution for T-Mobile will provide ‘on-board’ intelligent packet inspection residing within the GGSN, which simplifies the traditional architecture for offering content-based services, and can significantly reduce capital and operating costs for ‘packet-sniffing’ hardware.

    This packet core network agreement is incremental to previous GPRS and UMTS core contract awards by T-Mobile International to Nortel Networks. Nortel Networks has been a supplier of GPRS and 3G networking gear for T-Mobile International’s Pan-European network since 2002, and currently supplies 3G core networking equipment in Germany, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Austria.