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    3 starts rollout of Axalto


    Selects Axalto to Launch First 128 USIM cards in the UK – Axalto Usimera 128 cards support the operator’s 3G services and enable services update over-the-air

    Axalto today announced it has commenced volume deliveries of its Usimera 128 Java SIM/USIM card to leading operator 3 UK – the UK’s first video mobile network – to provide the best platform for new value-added services. Axalto commenced delivery of the cards to 3 in July.

    This new generation of USIM ecards best platform means 3’s customers can store up to double the amount of information as compared to existing SIM/USIM cards in the market. With Usimera 128, Axalto enables 3 to new value-added services and maximize over-the-air card management and increase the portfolio of applications and services that 3UK can provide to its customers. Axalto today announced that it has commenced volume deliveries of its Usimera 128 Java SIM/USIM card to 3.

    David Cooper, Chief Technical Officer, 3 UK said: “3 is setting the agenda with video mobile services and offering customers great value price plans. The launch of these advanced 128k USIM card incorporating the latest 3GPP and Java interoperability standards demonstrates that 3 is leading this market.After supporting our 2003 group launch with their 64 Usimera platform, Axalto offered the expertise and the commitment to allow 3 UK’s migration onto the larger and more advanced 128k USIM platform implementing the latest 3GPP and Java interoperability standards.

    “Of all the necessary criteria, the added value provided by proximity and local program management with vertical focus and global reach has been key to the success of the overall implementation. Axalto has met all the requirements of a highly competitive mobile operator in today’s marketplace”.