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    T- Mobile launches unique 3G, GPRS and Wifi service


    Launch of 3G data cards – Extension of Wi-Fi to over 500 HotSpots in the UK – Tariff combining unlimited access to both data cards and Wi-Fi

    T-Mobile has today announced the launch of its 3G data cards, combined with the extension of its Wi-Fi HotSpot access points across the UK and the introduction of a unique offer that provides unlimited usage of both the data cards and Wi-Fi access on the same tariff. Aimed in particular at the travelling business person, T-Mobile is delivering unrivalled ability to access the internet and corporate systems at high speed and on the move.

    The 3G data cards give access speeds of up to 128 KB, a speed which will progressively increase to 384KB in the coming months and enable effective browsing of the internet, e-mail on the move and access to customers’ corporate data systems, as well as services such as video telephony, when used in conjunction with a camera either built into or attached to a laptop.

    With the card, customers can have unlimited Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G access, with seamless roaming between GPRS and 3G, depending on the coverage available. T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi service, another unique offering among mobile operators is now available at over 500 locations in the UK (over 7,000 group-wide) and offers broadband internet access and services at speeds of over 1MB. T-Mobile plans a very considerable increase in the roll-out of its Wi-Fi HotSpots throughout the UK.

    Commenting, Brian McBride, Managing Director of T-Mobile UK, said: “The switch to 3G is not just a matter of speed, it’s equivalent to the move from the typewriter to the PC. 3G data cards give customers internet access at similar rates to those they experience with high speed fixed-line internet access. Together with the full broadband speeds and capabilities of our unique Wi-Fi service, which provides users with a similar experience to being connected in the office, T-Mobile is truly starting to put the internet in your pocket and enable you to take your office with you on the move.”

    Today’s launch comes after extensive trials and usage with over 150 of T-Mobiles business customers, including Hewlett Packard, which have proven the reliability and robustness of T-Mobile’s 3G data cards. The promotional launch of the cards will be focussed in the major business centres where T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is highest.

    Steve Gill, Vice President and Managing Director HP UK and Ireland, said: ” We are indeed very impressed with this unique data card, giving us the option of wifi or 3G speeds wherever we need. T-Mobile begins with the customer in mind and this is a great step in delivering simple seamless communication to the mobile workforce.”

    The multi-media package costs £199 plus a monthly fee of £70, and includes unlimited data access regardless of whether usage is on 3G, 2.5G or Wi-Fi.  For a limited period, the service will be free for the first three months.